Outcomes in
Autism Therapy

Echo is the first all-in-one platform & digital therapeutic
solution that enables health plans to capture and measure
progress data and facilitate caregiver involvement in
autism therapy.

Watch How Echo Works:

Improving patient outcomes requires measuring care quality and facilitating caregiver involvement.

Mobile App

Echo's family and caregiver mobile app, combined with Echo's team of multi-disciplinary autism specialists, helps caregivers complete caregiver goals, caregiver training, parent assessments, supplemental therapy exercises, and more.


Echo's interoperability platform allows autism therapy providers to transmit digitized assessments to health plans. Echo consolidates thousands of assessments into a single digitized data feed, allowing health plans to measure care quality across their entire network.


Accelerating successful outcomes is our mission.

Data shows that caregiver involvement is a critical success factor for improving outcomes in Autism therapy, yet it is greatly underutilized. Less than 10% of families and caregivers are actively involved in their child's therapy. Echo actively facilitates caregiver involvement and helps caregivers make an impact in their child's therapy.

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